Tuesday, January 6, 2015

(WEEK 71) 20¡15!

For the net couple of days the streets were completely dead. Either there were no people, or there were drunk men. I remember passing by one park with like 10 stoned guys haha, there were all knocked out. It was great... Starting today the streets are finally normal and everyone started working or going to school again. On Saturday these members invited us to a barbaque for the new year and because my companions birthday and my birthday are in this month. I haven't eaten that much meat for a long time haha. We had like 3 full plates of pure meat. I'm sure I broke the Word of Wisdom haha, oops. Also one of the assistants did divisions with us (Elder Miranda). Or at least he worked with us on Friday. It was a fun day. We always find new people with them. We were giving him a hard time too because he's leaving the offices to be a ZL again in one week and we were bothering him that he'd get banished to Coca in the jungle haha. He'd hate that.

We are really happy with the progress in our sector now! We are going to rescue (reactivate) a less-active family this week. And the dad that is getting reactivated is going to baptize his son that we've been teaching. And the kid just passed his baptismal interview yesterday so it should be a "for-sure" baptism! Plus a less-active lady (Sister Tabango) that the ward has always said is really difficult gave up working on Sunday to go to church for the first time in years! And her 3 kids aren't baptized yet but are preparing to get baptized too. That also pumped us up! And also we found another solid lady named Meiser Lousia that accepted a baptismal date. We have a couple other investigators with potential but those are the big ones.

For the district/zone meeting on Thursday there were almost no busses running. we had to wait about 40 minutes for a bus that normally passes by every 10 minutes. And on Friday for the leadership meeting we saw the same bus passing by the corner and had to sprint as fast as we could to catch it. We were spriting for our lives for like 1 strait minute which is too much for me haha. I haven't ran that hard since I was home... Or since I was a teenager haha (I'm jsut about 20 now...). But like I said, things are starting to get normal again. But it was a sweet new years! Not exactly the same without the family but my companion and I made it count.

Espero que hayan tenido un prospero año y mucha felicidad en el 2014 y que tengan un año aún mejor éste año. Yo ya tengo la meta que éste año para mí sea el año que va a definir mi misión. O sea que voy a trabajar a lo loco jaja. ¡Los quiero mucho a todos! ¡Nos vemos pronto!

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