Thursday, October 16, 2014

(WEEK 59) Confirmed.

So we had 7 confirmations yesterday. The 2 Guerra kids and an investigator that the sisters baptized last week couldn't get confirmed last week because it was general conference so they got confirmed this week. Plus, the sisters in our ward baptize families of 4 like it's no big deal. They baptized the Almagro family this last Saturday. So we had 7 confirmations this Sunday. That kind of makes us invincible for the verifications with the assistants hahaha! It was really cool too because the bishop invited us to help with the confirmations. As a ward we made a goal about 2 months ago to baptize 15 people before the year ends. We still have 2 1/2 months left and we already got 10 down! Yeah!

This week the zone leaders from the coast and jungle came last Monday night for the mission council. Almost every monthy council there are missionaries that have their last council and bear their testimonies. This month there was a ton! Including the only missionary from Germany in all of South America, Elder Stank. My "mom" died as well. (I'm sorry for useing missionary terms). I'm really going to miss not having the missionarys from the best zones in the mission come to my house for 3 days every month. And I say that becasue I'm pretty sure I'm going to have changes this next Sunday. So I'll probably be saying good-bye to San Carlos.

Sometimes I don't realize how weird South American countries can be. For example, near one of the main streets in our sector called, "La Vaca de Castro", We walked by this karate place and just see this lady doing sit-ups... Suddenly, this "trainer" runs up (And I mean, runs up) and just starts punching her in the gut between every sit-up that she does. Other than the grunts that she makes between every blow, she just keeps going like nothing's going on... I always thought that there was a fine line between making yourself tough, and mentally jumping off a cliff. But maybe that's non-applicable here. So that's my missionary story of the week hahaha!

Other then that, I was a pretty normal week. We've either baptized or dropped a lot of investigators in the past month so we don't have a ton of options right now. But we're planning on focusing purely on finding new investigators and working with less acitves this week. And I still really think that I'll be in a new sector in 7 days so I'll be saying good-bye to members too haha

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