Friday, October 3, 2014

(WEEK 57) The "Day-off" week

So Tuesday was an interesting day, I was in the hospital all day long! Hahaha! There was a sick missionary that's also a new missionary that was having really bad migrains about 10 days ago. So he goes to the hospital and it turns out that he had blood in his brain. So that's nice! But anyways his companion, Elder Budge, was just waiting in the hospital with his for days and he wasn't able to shower for days either. So, being the assistants of the assistants, so, as I got a "day-off", we gave Elder Budge a "day-off" too while he went with my companions to write his family, eat, and shower. As a missionary is was kind of frustrating  not doing hardly anything for an entire day, but at the same time, It was kind of nice... I mean, I didn't do anything hahaha! It felt like a vacation that was killing me. I stayed with Elder Holst and watched movies and played cards all day long while I was translating for him and the doctors. Plus the mission nurse brought me a burger!
Our investigators that we've being really focusing on are doing good! The 2 Guerra kids got their baptismal interviews and are going to still be baptized on the 4th of October (Conference day!). But now were going to do it at 9:00am. So that'll be interesting waking up around 5:00am again. Leosdon moved to Miami, Florida and will be there for a little over a month. So we're going to miss him. The good news is, he's technically not living in Ecuador, so I think we can write him on Mondays! This week we also found a couple other potential investigators by knocking on doors and referals from members, so I 'll update you guys on there progress next week.

This week I got to teach Bill Yard (A total gringo recent convert from California that doesn't speak Spanish very well) again! It was hilarious because he lives in the sisters sector but on Sunday we were asked to go over to his house and give him a blessing because he didn't go to church. So we arrived and he's like, "Yeah I had a terrible migrain this morning but I feel 100% now!" So just to annoy my companions, we had a lesson in English and then we just shared stories after. My companions couldn't understand us after like 15 minutes of squinting. So they just started eating popcorn and watching kids play soccer outside. Then after we left they were frustrated because they didn't understand most of it. It just made me smile and say, "Lo hice sólo para que sepan como yo sintí hace un año!" So I'm kind of dispicable.
On Friday we had a zone conference with an area 70, named Elder Calderón. He's kind of crazy and took up a ton of the mission presidents training time. Even to the point that we left the meeting 2 1/2 hours late and in rain hahaha, but he was pretty cool and we learned a lot of things. Plus I think I finally got the very first picture with my zone (Which includes president and his wife, the assistants, the secretaries, and the mission nurse) in all the time that I have here! (4 months and counting)...
On Saturday while it was raining, a car drove by through a huge puddle on the side of the road and soaked Elder Parra hahahaha! I ducked just in time and used my umbrella as a shield and also shielded Elder Flores, but Elder Parra was completely soaked while Elder Flores and I were bone dry. I thought that only happened in movies...
Aparte de eso, compré una corbata otavaleña de un miembro de Otavalo. Incluso tiene el logo de la misión! Entonces, eso me hizo feliz! Espero que tengan una buena semana, que sepan que les quiero, y que no se olviden de la conferencia general ésta semana! Full doctrina!

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