Monday, October 6, 2014

(WEEK 58) Did ya see me on tv!?

So I don't know how it was at home, but between the 2 sessions of conference Saturday they show the Church News update and mormon messages. And we didn't really have much to do other tahan hurry and eat lunch and then come back to the stake center. So last month we did a service project by helping handicapped people move from cars to their new wheelchairs in our stake center. And that was one of the subjects on the Church news update! I saw my back on tv! haha... Anyways, those were my 2 seconds of glory.

General conference was awesome though! It's kind of funny because like half of the missionaries in the "gringo room"(Where we watched conference in English) admitted that when they were younger they basically never watched conference other than when their parents said, "Come here, the prophet's speaking!" But as missionaries, we all loved and appreciated conference a lot more. Plus it seem to go by suer fast! Kind of like a Christmas for missionaries.

Saturday was the strongest day of the week because we saw the 3 sessions of General Conference, but before that, at9:00am, we had 2 baptisms! We had 2 investigators baptized and the sister missionaries in the ward baptized someone as well. We had to wake up early again to fill the font! At 5:00am! But it was definatly worth it. The dad, Vladimir Guerra, baptized his 2 sons and then the whole family shared their testimonies. They made half of the filled room cry! So it was the perfect thing to start the conference weekend.

The assistants did surprize divisions with us on Tuesday! So that was interesting! We had a couple of lessons and then we started contacting. They are beasts at contacting! They always know exactly what to say! So I learned a lot from them. On Thursday we had the zone council, which is kind of a new ting that we do in this mission where all of the missionaries of the zone present their achievements and goals of the month that just happened and their goals for the month that comes. Plus we decide 3 focuses as a zone. But it was the most spiritual meeting I've had for a while in the mission. At the end we're supposed to excite the zone and modivate them to work hard and convert the world, so all we did was watch a couple of motivational videos that Elder Parra had on his flash. We got almost everyone to laugh and cry with a little more than 20 minutes of time!

Today we went to a place called Puluahua, which is a sweet looking volcano that you can hike down into. It's just a little bit more north of "Mitad del Mundo." So you can check it out if you want. When we were hiking out the crater filled up with a ton of fog so you could't see a thing!

Eso es todito. Gracias por sus cartas que me envían! Me dan mucho ánimo y siempre me gusta saber lo que está pasando en los estados y en otros partes del mundo. Quiero que ustedes sepan que les quiero mucho! Que tengan una buena semana!

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