Thursday, August 28, 2014

(WEEK 52) Añito Jovenasos!

Well techniqually, I only have 363 days in the mission but whatever haha.
Finally we have a super solid investigator! Her name is Misleidys (Miss-Ladies) haha. She's from Cuba and she only has a month here in Ecuador. She also has family behind in Cuba that'll move here with her pretty soon. But right now she's living with some members that are her friends. It's unfortunate that the church isn't officially in Cuba because everytime we contact a cuban they are always really open and listen to us. Some members in the ward are even Cubans. But anyways, We've only taught her since this Wednesday but she already has most of the missionary lessons haha. We've taught her everyday and we have another apointment with her tonight. She just needs two more things: Tithing and the Sabbath Day. She has no doubts in the lessons until now plus she already has 3 church attendances and a friend in the church. So I'll be surprized if she doesn't get baptized for the 6th of September which is her baptismal date. Also this Sunday we had a miracle. We got a church member to come to church after being inactive for 25 years. She's still filled with apostacy in her head haha but hey! At least she came!
This week we had a couple activities. First we did divisions with Santa Anita (Elder Del Aguila and Elder Bell) I was with my ZL companion, Elder Santana and Elder Bell which Elder Del Aguila helped out Elder Araque in his sector. Kind of weird divisions but it was pretty cool. Elder Santana's back is killing him again so we had to end the divisions like 3 hours early. The next day (Wednesday) He couldn't even get out of bed. So Elder Araque and I just worked on trainings and studied for a long time until Elder Del Aguila calle dme because he needed a baptismal interview. So I did the interview and worked with them until the night while Elder Araque was watching Elder Santana. He has another appoinment in the hospital next week but I don't know how much they can do since we were just there last week and they didn't do anything (Being the best doctor of the best hospital in Ecuador hahaha). But Ill pray for the guy.
On Saturday we did a service project in the morning where we had to help handicapped people move from the cars to their new wheelchairs that the church was giving them. It was a huge service project with a ton of senior service missionaries from the United States that didn't speak Spanish haha. But it was really cool to help everyone out, even though by luck I always got the heaviest people while my companions would almost alwasy get tini grandmas hahaha.
I heard the song, Careless Whisper by George Michael in a lesson this week. Haha it made me laugh because of something on YouTube called "Sexy Sax Man." One of the many things that made me laugh before the mission. So if you're not in a mission right now, look it up, and laugh.
Eso es todo. Envíanme todos de ustedes un pastel esta semana cuando yo cumpla un año en la misión. No sean malitos :D

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