Tuesday, August 5, 2014

(WEEK 49) Digging Deep

What's up, United States and other counries! Elder Bolti is doing just great on the Ecuator. Today I finally bought a national soccer jersey of Ecuador, (So that'll explain $50 that will be missing in the personal account, but it's okay, it's a dope jersey) and I also got the giant package delivered by Elder Black's parents that has been sitting in the offices for about 6 days. And you guys hit the spot with the food and candy that you can't find in Ecuador! The secretarys in the offices were jealous. And everyone in the offices were jealous about the "Hump" Calendar. Love you guys!

The work is a just a little bit slower here lately but it's moving. San Carlos is just a hard sector in general because it's one of the older wards in Quito, I think (Along with: La Colón, Iñaquito, and La Luz) and it's a pretty small sector compared to the other sectors in the mission. But it never gets me down, especially since the members are just awesome here. We're getting a lot of referals lately, the only bad news is that like 80% just happen to live in the neigboring sectors haha, so we just pass them on. We're currently teaching a 70 year old man named Eduardo Sono. His brother is the 1st counselor in our ward and he always feels lonely in the hospital so we're going to visit him and teach him every day in the hospital until he gets out in a week. David is doing great, he's just been so busy with school and work that it's hard to set appointments with the guy, but we'll see him again on Wednesday. Avaneth is moving along with her divorsement papers and still has the storngest desires, we just have to be patient with the 4 month wait. Other then that we are "Digging Deep" in the sector by trying to find all of the less-actives and old investigators by looking through the area book and doing divisions in our sector with missionaries that have been here before. We're really just trying everything to find new people. And it's actully working pretty well.

My 2 companions and I are doing great. Elder Santana always makes us laugh and Elder Araque is a great addition to the trio. I honestly don't know why Elder Araque is with us. Usually they put missionaries with the ZL's because they were really disobedient or something, but he's awesome and he teaches well too. Tomorrow I'll have my second mission council. And even though you sit in a chappel all day long I'm pretty excited for it. Especially since the ZL´s from the jungle and the coast will be sleeping in our sector tonight and tomorrow night. They'll arrive in like an hour.

Other news: One member gave me expensive sunglasses and another member a toaster for the house haha! What missionary wins a toaster!? I'm reading through the New Testament so I can just continue though the Old and New testaments from cover to cover and I'm in Luke right now. And we're planning on hiking Cayambe(The giant snow-capped volcando) in a couple weeks. We actully still haven't asked permission but I'm excited anyway!

Sólo eso... Que tengan una buena semana. Y solo para que sepan, voy a celebrar cada "evento" que se encuentra en mi calendario. Y nos divertiremos!

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