Tuesday, August 12, 2014

(WEEK 50) ¡Terremoto!

So Friday at like 8:05 PM we felt a pretty good earthquake(At least for me). It was sweet! I think it was like a 3.5 or something like that. Plus the epicenter was on Cayambe. So I was just waiting for it and the 4 other volcanoes around Quito to explode, maybe next time...

Another busy week as far as meetings go. I'm always busy in Quito haha. On tuesday I had my second mission council. No one gave their testimony this time but next time an ex-assistant is leaving, Elder Ospina, so that should be cool. I love it when the coast and jungle ZL's stay with us for two days, they're pretty cool. Plus they always leave food behind in the fridge haha. They had nothing to do when they got here so they contacted for like 2 hours on Monday night and found a bunch of solid new people for us. Including an in-active family that wants to come back now. So we'll work with those people this week. On Wednesday the whole zone had interviews with President Richardson and on Thursday we did the mini zone conference with the whole zone. Finally on Saturday we had the leadership meeting with the district leaders and sister leaders in the zone. So like I said, busy! But I love it.

On Saturday we had the sweetest lesson with Miguel and Avaneth. They now have all the lessons and just love us. We just still have to be patient with the divorse problem. They were going to change houses and move to the sisters sector but they love us more so they moved into another house just barely in our sector. We finally found David again and he's progressing pretty well. He still has little doubts but he's progressing. It helps that he has a good friend that is a member and is helping him alond as he prepares for a mission.

On Friday we had to go to the hospital because my companion Elder Santana´s back is killing him lately. They siad he might had an infection or something so I hope everything goes well. We have another appointment tomorrow. Plus today I had to stay with Elder Walker in the hospital. He just got appendicitis, which really sucks. So he had to travel about 3 hours in a taxi from Ibarra to Quito. I stayed with him for like 45 minutes while his companion left with my companions to send in the weekly informs.

Right now I'm still pushing throught the New Testament and in the interviews meeting President Richardson gave us the goal to read the Book of Mormon in 90 days. I'm in 1 Nephi chapter 15 right now. By the way a missionary from Quito is going to South Salt Lake on his mission. I guess it doesn't help that I can't remember his name but at least you know that a piece of Quito is in the holy land haha. So if you see him, tell him that a random gringo missionary in Quito, that he doesn't even know, says hi.

Encontré una escritura que ayuda a los misioneros que están en Otavalo/Imbabura con la comida "tan rica." Lucas 10:8. Que tengan una buena semana. Les quiero mucho!

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