Monday, August 18, 2014

(WEEK 51) Last weeks title was an understatement, this one should be called "¡Terremotos!" / "Earthquakes!"

Let's start with, Tuesday: 5.1 earthquake, epicenter at the "Mitad del Mundo.", Plus there were 5 tremors in total that day. Wednesday-Friday: I've felt probably about 8 little tremors spread out though each day. Saturday: Another earthquake at 10:08 in the morning, a 4.9, epicenter near Calderón (My old zone), plus a little bit of destruction on the hyways and some houses in that area, and Sunday(yesterday) about 2 or 3 tremors througout the day. Today: Nothing haha. But it's been pretty sweet. I've never felt so many tremors/earthquakes in one week. Plus they are happening not very deep under the surface, and my companion from Chile says that in can't be a shift in the plates because they are happening super close to the surface... The only logical explaination that I can think of is volcanic activity hahaha! But I'm not worried at all despite the fact that I'm surrounded by at least 4 active volcanos: Cotopaxi, Cayambe, Antisana, and Wawa Pichincha.

Talking about volcanoes, today we wen't up the teleferico(Cable car) Basically right near the craters of two volcanoes: Wawa and Rucu Pichincha. And it is freezing cold up there, freezing cold. Plus the wind was insane. I got some sweet pictures too. I was kind of just waiting for the volcano to explode due to the recent earthquake activity hahaha. It was chilly, I needed the lava and the pyroclastic flow to warm me up. (I'm not crazy, mom).

The Tene family finally came to church!! Elder Murphy was trying to get them to go to church for like 4 months and they never went, but this week we got em! So there's a miracle for ya. As far as the progression of investigators go, this week was kind of just a normal week. Avaneth now has her attendences to church, the lessons and everything. She just needs to get divorsed and married still. We've been receving a lot of referals again lately and I really don't know much about them yet but a couple of them seem pretty promising. One already has two church attendances. The only bad news is that we always recieve referals that live in other sectors haha, sometimes even from the church offices, oh well. On top of that this week we did divisions with the Elders from Iñaquito again. This time I stayed in San Carlos.

Well, thanks to the cybers in Ecuador, All of the pictures on my camera got erased this morning haha, silly viruses. The good news is that they are all backed up on my flash drive, and I have a lot more memory in my camera now. The bad news is that I lost like 5 pictures of me eating a fried guinea pig, so that's a bummer, but I'll try to get some pictures from my companions.

Eso es todo. Que tengan una buena semana. Busquen "los volcanes cercanos a Quito" en búsqueda de Google. Estoy cerca a muchos. No sé como, pero les informaré si yo muero por terremotos o volcanes... O los dos. Pilas.

¡Les quiero!

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