Wednesday, July 30, 2014

(WEEK 48) I killed him.

I'm getting thicker thanks to this week. Our ward loves Elder Murphy, so the members gave us a ton of food everyday! It was awesome! Plus the members here cook a lot better than the majority of the members in Quito from what I've heard. So I'm satisfied. But we seriously had at least 1 dinner appointment every night. So there are perks in "killing" a missionary. I actully said hi to him in the offices today. With his group there're actually a ton of awesome missionaries going home. So it's kind of sad. But oh well, bye Elder(brother) Murphy.
This last week we were busy again. But we're used to it now. We had a meeting with the stake president and the mission president on Thursday that we have every month now. And in that meeting he invited us to train all of the bishops in the stake about the progress forms that we always use in ward council. It was kind of intimidating to be honest haha but it went pretty well. We felt powerful. Elder Murphy has already been a branch president before in the jungle so he already knew what was up and how to answer their questions.
The Elders in Santa Anita are beasts. They baptized again this week; This time they got 3 baptisms. So we're just used to supporting them by going to their baptisms almost every week. Our zone is super small ever since Elder Oaks took two big wards from the stake to make another new stake in Quito about a month ago, so Santa Anita is just really saving us right now with all the success they're getting. The good news is for us that the members are really starting to "turn on" and help us a ton in missionary work by giving us references and by visiting investigators with us (I think that's just another perk of a missionary leaving). So we should get a really good program going soon in San Carlos.
My new companion is Elder Santana. He's an awesome missionary from Chile. I actully met him almost 5 months ago when we were both district leaders in Calderón. But now we`re companions! So I'm pretty happy because I know he's a hard worker and there shouldn't be a dull moment in San Carlos this whole change because he's a pretty funny guy just like Elder Murphy. When I recieved the changes alone last night it was kind of funny because ther was one district that wasn't affected at all, but in the other district almost everyone got changes. I think probably the worse think about changes is the million of calls that you have to make and recieve to make sure that the missionaries get to their new sectors safely all around the mission.
Eso es todo. Ya maté a Elder Murphy. Yo no cumpliría algunas preguntas en una entrevista bautismal, supongo. Oops. Tal vez soy un poco dañado. Jaja pero bueno. Les quiero. Hasta luego

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