Wednesday, July 23, 2014

(WEEK 47) ¡Veinte!

Emergency changes always get us by surprize. We're in a trio now. I'm still with Elder Murphy but now we're also with Elder Araque. He was about 18 months in the mission and is from Columbia. So he'll stay with me at least until the change(1 week) but probably for another change as well. And Elder Murphy is not trunky, but he only has so many days left that he's basically a walking skeleton right now (6 days left for the big guy). The good news is, the whole ward knows that he's leaving so we have a dinner appointment like every day of the week haha yeah! We'll just have to keep running with this altitude every morning or we'll all get fat. Maybe I need that though. Plus the momitas here cook even better than the ones in my coast sector, o sea, felicidad.

On Wednesday we contacted a lot (Which was the day Elder Araque got here) On contact number 20 Elder Murphy knocked on a door and peeked through a little hole in the door to see if any one was there. Suddenly a huge german shepard almost bites off his face when he yells "¡Veinte!" I was laughing for like 10 minutes haha. Overall it was kind of a slower week but we found a couple new investigators that have a date and seem pretty solid. One of them is named David. He accepted basically everything we told him. He has a super strong desire, so we were lucky to find him. With Hna. Avaneth, we met with Hno. Altamirano (A super rich less-active member that's a lawyer). So he will slowly be helping Hna. Avaneth with her divorce/marrage problem. He lives in the green towers behind the church. His appartment is so nice though, so nice. Plus he was wearing a nice grey suit at the time so he looked like a boss. Then he bought us expensive pizza. Gotta love the benefits of having rich members in the ward haha.

We did divisions with Iñaquito this week on Tuesday. I was with Elder Ramos in San Carlos(His first sector in the mission) and Elder Murphy was with Elder Richey in Iñaquito. Elder Ramos showed me a couple of old investigators that he remembered from about 14 months ago, and we're still teaching one of them so that's pretty nice. The elders of Santa Anita are beasts and got another baptism this week. I don't know how they do it. They seriously get about one baptism every week. But I'm super happy for them and they should also have a baptism this week. bestias son.

Eso es todo. Envíame carne seca en el paquete con la familia de Elder Black si es posible, para que yo pueda ponerme tuco(fuerte). pilas.

¡Les quiero!

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