Tuesday, July 15, 2014

(WEEK 46)

So I just thought of a random thing, I'm almost 20 years old and a mission is 2 years. Or 1/10 of my life when I finnish. Tithing is also a 1/10 rule. So it's like I'm doing life-tithing right now. I even get useless personal revelation sometimes haha.
I'm not going to lie, this week was a bestia. Everyone here is into the world cup even though the United States did better than Ecuador. So the contacts didn't want to listen and even the members were impossible to teach haha. The good thing is, Germany won. Now Ecuador wont be bragging that the world cup is in South America! So now that the world cup is over and everyone is getting back from the beach, this week should be a good one. Our investigators that we have are still doing great. They were just hard to visit this week because they were travelling or out of town. The main two are familia Puga(4) and Avaneth. Familia Puga now has all of the lessons and just need one more attendance then they are good for baptism. I wantto get them baptized before Elder Murphy leaves (2 weeks). And Avaneth has to still get divorced and remarried before she gets baptized but she has the strongest desires ever. She wants to get married in the temple with her future husband who is already a member. We'll have to wait for her but I know she'll get baptized. We gave her a Book of Mormon and she was more grateful than any other person I've ever seen, and by far. I've handed out so many of them that sometimes I forget the impact it makes on people with desires.
On Thursday Elder Murphy and I did a training in from of 2 zones. I was actully super nervous right before but I got up there and everything worked out perfectly. We were asked to train on goals and planning which I honestly thought would bore everyone but we made it funny and interesting. Now the training-in-front-of-a-ton-of-people-in-Spanish fear has been overcome. I'd be more than willing to give another one. This week we did another zone activity. We played water volleyball, lightning(knockout, fry-em, speed, whatever you call it), and dodgeball. The zone isn't very big since the other Quito mission stole two chappels from our mission but the zone has been super united this change. So Murphy and I are just loving it. On Sunday we ate with the bishop and he had some gringo friends over. A old couple that baptized the bishop. He actully served a mission in Ecuador when all of Ecuador was only one mission in the 70's. Plus he used to live in Parawan for a couple years. So the world is super tiny.
That was my week. Tengo que cuidar a Elder Murphy solo porque parte de su grupo en la otra mision se van mañana. Hay que no estar Trunky. Pero todavia él trabaja duro. Pero aveces su Trunkyness se cae sobre mí. ¿Han matado a alguien en la mision? Me parece un poco duro. Por ejemplo, escuché Hard to Say I'm Sorry por Chicago en el metrobus hoy día, y él empezó a cantar, y me pusó un poco Trunky de verdad. Pero soy fuerte haha. No hay ninguna cosa que me pone demasiado Trunky. ¡Pilas!

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