Tuesday, July 8, 2014

(WEEK 45) La mamá de las semanas

So we'll start with Monday, After I wrote for just like 20 minutes we have a zone BBQ. (We're awesome zone leaders!) We cooked a ton of burgers and hot dogs with a ton of soda and chips. We also had basketball, soccer, and dodgeball tournements.It's lasted for like 3-4 hours and then we had to hurry to have a meeting with the mission president and the stake president together (Que sacerdocio en un cuarto, fue como el consejo de los profetas.) At night we had almost no time to do anything because we had to help the missionaries from the jungle and the coast arrive to our house (Our house is a mission hotel(party)). On Tuesday all that I did was go to the zone leaders council with all the zone leaders in the mission (Aún más sacerdocio.) It literally went from 9:00am- 7:00pm. I learned a ton but my brain was super sore after.

On Wednesday morning the zone leaders left back to their sectors. But before they did we made cookie dough with Elder Kingsford (My old ZL, he'll die in a couple weeks with Elder Murphy) and then we used the chappel oven to make cookies for Hna Deveraux's birthday (Sister missionary in our ward). Thursday we had the monthly mini zone conference. The only difference was, I had to flippin´ teach it. So Elder Murphy and I used the training we got in the council (That's how it works) and we taught on it for a couple hours, kinda fun actully. 

On Friday (4th of July) Elder Murphy woke me up by singing the entire national anthem hahaha and with soul, brotha. We wanted to buy a burger and put a small american flag on it, but we couldn't find a dang flag... Next year though. At night we had a ward activity where we (as 6 missionaries and our mission leader) taught members how to help others that are newly investigating the church feel welcome. Then we played games and had fanta floats (We wanted root beer floats but they don't have many soda options here.) It was an awesome ward activity though. Like 50 members showed up which is pretty good for here.

And finally, on Saturday we had 3 zone baptisms. We wanted to support the zone by attending all of them. So first the sister missionaries had a baptism at 6:00pm. Then mission president and his wife showed up to this one, as well as some other missionaries in the zone with some investigators, and then we atended the baptism from Elders of Santa Anita. They had 2 baptisms at 7:30pm. Plus we had to do 2 baptismal interviews earlier that day. So it was a super busy week. This week should be a lot easier.

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