Saturday, May 24, 2014

(WEEK 38) Mother's Day

I'll start with the work of salvation: Silvia showed up this week but her daughter, Martha did not. I'm not sure why. But she's now totally set for her baptism this time. Now it should be a for sure. She'll have her interview this Wednesday and be baptized on this Saturday. Martha should be ready soon too. Juan can't always come to church because he has to sell bananas with his mom on Sunday mornings. If he sells them all fast, he can usually make it to church. Cathorine and Juan both have all of the lessons now. They just both need two more church attendances each. We can't really do much until they go. This week we are planning on doing a ton of contacting (I'll be honest, I don't like it, but we need a larger pool of investigators now.)

On Friday we did divisions with Collaloma and I stayed in my sector with the new guy of the district, Elder Williams. Andon Saturday we had surprize divisions with the zone leaders. They're in a trio right now so Elder Meriles and Elder Pita stayed in their sector while Elder Ospina(Ex-assistant) went with us in our sector to first check our house and then help us finnish all of our appointments that day. Our ward had a huge Mother's day activity on Saturday. They brought giant speakers into the chappel and then had a talent show, after that they just danced all night long. In the end they payed a Meriachi band to come hahaha They even had fireworks here for Mother's day. We never do that in the states for Mother's day hahaha. On Sunday I got to talk with my beloved family by using Skype. I was even better this time (The 2nd time). I'm imagining it'll be even better the 3rd and 4th times. (P.S. Elder Bolton is never trunky, he's a rock.)

Last Monday we went bowling and I started out so terrible, amazingly terrible. I wasn't even mad because it was so bad. I was just laughing because of how many gutter balls I was getting. But then I got 2 Turkeys (3 strikes in a row) with a spare to separate them to finnish it off, so I won. I actully switched balls to the number 6(Super light) and just chucked it as hard as I could every time hahaha. Other news, I'm in Psalms in the old testament. I think I'm in section 85, or something like that. So I should finnish it pretty soon. The chappel was broken into Monday afternoon, We found it on Monday night. They didn't steal anyhting but they broke some doors with the emergency axe, crazy, right? I'll send pictures. Now I'm sure the 2 wards will remember to set the alarm every night.

Esa fue mi semana, mis amados hermanos. Yo estaba pensando que esta carta sería pequeña porque ya hablé con mi familia ayer, pero creo que lo hice bien hahaha. Hasta luego

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