Monday, April 28, 2014

(WEEK 36) And that's the way the cookie crumbles

So we were just walking in la Quintana and this 40 year old guy randomly pops out in from of us and starts calling us devils and is trying to cast the evil spirits out of us. Some sort of street exorcism. So we're evil apperently hahaha... But I never get offended, I only laugh afterwards...

So we've been trying to find less-actives lately and we finally found Jermania! We've always heard she was solid and have been searching for her for 2 weeks and we found her on accident when her daughter walked by their house. Score. We've also been giving tours of the chappel lately too. I kinda forgot how effective they are, but when you do them, the investigators are so much more likely to show up on Sunday. Also we finally found Silvia again. She randomly goes out of town a ton without telling us haha. But this time we officially committed her and her daughter to be baptized on the 10th of May.

I made a ton of cookie dough one day and I brought most of it to familia Pazmiño's house so we could use their oven and made a giant cookie. It took up a giant pan and was filled all the way to the top too haha. We ate it while sharing some mormon messages as an FHE. On Friday the Elders that were in Zona Calderón for the last change were invited to a breakfast at the mission home on this last Friday. The last change they got a ton of Rescatados(Rescues) as a zone. Which is basically when you teach all the lessons to a less-active again, get them an interview with the bishop and they start attending church again. But a lot of us were not invited so that morning we quickly made a huge breakfast of our own with bacan, chocolate milk, and a giant omlete with ham, cheese, more bacan, and hot dogs. Oh, and there was ice cream. I think we won... Gracias. On that same Friday we did our giant activity with the other two wards and missionaries in our district: Jeopardy 2.0 Android 3.2.4 Galaxy S5 con Afterparty. And words can't discribe how awesome it was. You'll just have to imagine the Celestial Kingdom, and only then will you be even close.

On Saturday Joseph Espinoza was baptized by a friend of his in the ward named Christian. Joseph is an awesome guy but just by his nature and personality I thought it would be a good baptism but kinda so-so on the spiritual part. But I was dead wrong. After I gave my little talk and after his baptism he and his mom both stood up and gave super strong testimonies. SUPER STRONG. I was shocked and touched at the same time. He really did change a ton since we first met him about 3 weeks ago. Best baptism of my mission so far. On Sunday he was confirmed and I also did my first two interviews with two brothers from the missionaries in the Collaloma ward that will be baptized this Saturday. They both passed perfectly, and are totally prepared.

Eso fue mi semana. Gracias por todo. Justo Recibí un paquete de Pascua de las oficinas hoy día. Lo que pasó es que se fue a Esmeraldas primero, pero ahora lo tengo. Seguir adelante

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