Wednesday, April 16, 2014

(WEEK 34) Comité Mormon

So last Tuesday we walked by a guy in the street and he tried to test my English on me. He said, "How." in place of "hello" or something... So for now on I'll greet in the street using random spanish words like, "Cual." or "Para qúe."

This week I had two leadership meetings. The first on Wednesday and the secondon Friday. Normally they're just on Friday but on Wednesday the ZL's wanted to set goals for the zone and each district and they also wanted every DL to talk on obedience this week. So I had to change nearly everything and plan it the morning before haha. On top of that I was surprized to find my mission president there in our stake center. He joined my district meeting, which was also my first hahaha. A bit nerve-racking but I love my mission president, he's a really good guy. The District meeting went well too. We set personal and companionship goals and did a bunch of practices. I shared the zone goal for the change: 44 baptisms, and 12 in our district. Set your goals high, bretheren... We didn't have time for a game but next week were going to play Jeopardy, I already have it set up. That's right chicos.

Silvia finally got home from her month long vacation. She'll most likely be baptized on the 26th of April. Joseph is a miracle. We thought he was a member. But when we asked him how long he's been a member, he told us he wasn't. So we taught him lessons 1-4 in the chappel in 3 days! Which would be: the Restoration, the Plan of Salvation, the Gospel of Jesus Christ, the Word of Wisdom, the Law of Chastity, Tithing and fast offerings, and Keeping the Sabbath Day Holy. He already knew basically all of it too. I set up his interview with the Zone leaders for tomorrow. (I love free-bees :D). Juan now has all the lessons as well. He just needs to go to church. I always quote the sister missionary from the Preach My Gospel: District 2 DVD's in my mind, "JUST GO TO CHURCH!" We haven´t been able to find Yolanda for like 2 weeks now. She disappeared from the face of the Earth. We've also finally been contacting our references from members. Next week we'll have a lot of focus on less-actives.

Today we had some intense soccer games between District 1 and us(District 3). They won the first game 5-4. We won the second 5-3. So we had a kickoff to determine the winner. And we won it 2-1! Next week we'll play district 2. Bring it on!

My dad challenged me to drink warm goat milk this week. And I cannot refuse, nor back down. So along with the soccer, BRING IT ON!!

¡Les quiero todos!... Y Boo-boo, buena suerte con las chicas ;) Sí, ya sé que eres un imán para las chicas hahahaha.

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