Friday, April 25, 2014

Holy fish. (WEEK 35)

Starting off with something fun, here during Easter weekend(Holy week), they eat something called Fanesca. It's basically a year-old dry fish that they put in a soup. It actully doesn't taste too bad but it smells so dang terrible...

This week was another conference week. First we had a conference in Quito with the zones: Calderon, Ofelia, and Oriente Norte. We talked about a ton of stuff including how to better teach the Apostacy so the investigators see a need for a Restoration. Then we learned how to better teach the first vision as well. I learned a ton of stuff about the Great Apostacy that I didn't know before and also a way to teach the first vision that brings the spirit everytime. Then we ate Papa John's :D On Saturday and Sunday we had stake conference and a 70 came down to our stake. He basically cracked a bunch of jokes hahaha, like a boss... On Sunday we recieved a transmission from the States. Someone from the Primary presidency, Elder Nash(70), Elder Holland, and Elder Scott from the 12 talked to us. And it was all just for Ecuador. Elder Nash and Elder Scott speak perfect spanish, the primary president didn't really try to speak spanish, and Holland tryed at the first and last minute of his talk. His spanish kinda sucks hahahaha. But they all gave great talks and I love how Holland bore his testimony the best he could in Spanish at the end so the saints here could hear his voice testify to them in their own language.

I gave my lesson in the district meeting on Charity using a ton of scriptures and some stories. Then we played Jeopardy as a district. Elder Guevara and Elder Espinoza won. And I was surprized cause I thought Elder Santos and Elder Gebs would destroy. Speaking of Jeopardy, between two wards, Collaloma and Comité del pueblo, we´re planning to do Jeopardy again. But it's called: Jeopardy 2.0 Android 3.2.4 Galaxy S5 con Afterparty... So you can guess how awesome it'll be. Elder Santos made up the name. On Friday we did splits, Elder Gebs and I in his sector and our companions in mine. Not much happened haha because we had to be at the chappel for a while so Joseph could get his interview from the ZL's. He passed but they want us to wait a week and do the baptism on the following Saturday. But it'll be better because we can prepare him more. During the splits Elder Santos and Elder Risco got robbed. $40 from Santos and $20 from Risco. I've been told my sector is dangerous at night but nothing has happened until now.

Other random things, There was a random street fight between to guys in the street that swung their arms like windmills, it was entertaining. On Tuesday it was raining super hard like half a mile away from us, but not one drop on our heads. However the next day we got rained on super hard haha. On Saturday I heard a ton of American music, it was super weird. So now April 19th is American music day. Today we went to Mitad del Mundo. I balenced an egg on a nail, watched water fluch strait down rather than clockwise or counter-clockwise, and took a ton of pictures there. I was standing in two hemispheres at the same time, which now tops 4 corners(Utah, Colorado, Arizona, New Mexico).

We´re having a problem with investigators not going to church. So we're hoping to find a solution to that. Joseph will be baptized on Saturday at 8:00pm, Silvia will either be baptized the same Saturday or the following. And we'll continue to try to find more investigators this week so we can have a ton of people with a date before the change in two weeks.

Eso es todo. ¡Les quiero! Y mis hermanos en el campo, siguen haciendo milagros y traer almas a él 

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