Monday, April 7, 2014

(Week 33) Centrados en Cristo

This week was a busy week! But like always an awesome week! On Thusday I didn't get the chance to teach my district for the first time yet cause we had a mini zone conference that day. We got a new zone leader named Elder Meriles and he's awesome. He's from somewhere in San Francisco bay(I forgot exactly where) and also Hna. Wright is in the zone now too! Now I have 2 missionaries from my district in the MTC that are in my zone in the mission! Also like I said last week, Elder Acevedo(Our old district leader) left and Elder Gebs is now the companion of Elder Santos.
On Friday we had the leaders meeting in Quito. We had to leave super early in he morning to get there on time. All of the zone leaders and district leaders of the four zones in Quito were there, as well as the assistants and President Richardson and his wife. I saw a ton of familiar faces (Elder Magalhaes, Elder Murphy, Elder Acevedo, and plently more.) I felt like a house cat amongst lions and tigers hahaha. It was really good though. First Hna. Richardson talked about learning English and how that's now a standard of the mission for the Latino missionaries haha. Then Pres. Richardson talked about a lot of good things including how to correct a missionary that's making wrong choices. We also heard from the assistants and some zone and district leaders. We practiced the baptismal questions as well. Specifically question 4, which is where the problems can happen haha. It was really useful for me since I haven't done one yet. The whole meeting was really good and useful, I felt the spirit constantly. After the meeting the other two district leaders in my zone and my zone leaders ate at Nuevo Toronto, a buffet baby! I ate 4 plates filled with food and then I felt terrible for the rest of the day haha. Elder Tirado threw up, pobrecito.
Conference was awesome! I have a ton of notes crammed in my journal I got from the President in December. I would have been fine watching it in Spanish but as all the English speakers in the zone, we set it up in English. It's not the same listening to a translator while their mouths don't follow the sounds. Plus it's not the same without the voice of Elder Holland haha. Our mission president loves us and we were able to watch all 5 sessions.
As far as the work, it's going great down here! The week`s numbers were a little lower because the only two normal days this week were Tuesday and Wednesday. But It'll pick up this week... We dropped Dalton. I hate doing that but it had to be done. He refused to progress, but we'll always be there for him if he needs us in the future. Silvia should be baptized either this week or next week, it depends on her travel plans. They're going to split our sector the next change and it's very likely that my companion and I both stay but we'll have different companions in the split sectors. The bad news is, 85% of our investigators fall in a spot called Carmen Bajo. And when they split the sectors Carmen Bajo will be one sector. So I want that sector hahaha! But at the same time, I do like having some new investigators.
Mi compañero tomó la leche de cabra directo de la cabra! Eso Chuparìa, ¿¡verdad!?Me dijo que estaba muy caliente! HAHAHAHA! ¿Quién haría esoDe todas formas, ese es mi semana! Les quiero, y hasta pronto!

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