Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Tardito (week 23)

Yes, I'm a day late, I know. My P-day is actully today rather than Mondaybecause... I'm going to the zoo! Hno. Alverado wants to take us to the zoo but it's closed on Mondays so we got permission from the president to change our P-day from Monday to Tuesday. So yesterday(Monday) was a normal work day. I'm going to the zoo later today so there will be pictures to come.

Investigators: Unfortunatly, This last week Henry wasn't baptized because he's still living with Kelly unmarried and he told us he wants to learn more before he's baptized. There's always opposition before the baptism. But he still has the desire. We'll just have to find his "Iceburg." Diana, Fam. Mera, and Lola could all be baptized in February but the changes are on the 10th so I might not see them. You don't always get to see the fruits of your labors, but as long as they're baptized and continue progressing though the true and everlasting gospel, I'm good. Carlina and Orlando Ortiz are our new awesome investigators of the week. And something that shattered my universe: Carlina did the additional study on the back of the pamplets we hand out! No one does those! Elder Black and I were just staring at if for 30 seconds until she said, "Are they correct?" And we just nod our heads like, "Ah-huh, they are."

Bryan & Kevin(Investigators from the other missionarys) should be baptized this week. I'm excited. Presidente Marco's birthday was this week so we celebrated thaton Monday night and then later this week they headed to Utah. They are somewhere in Salt Lake valley right now. Go searching family haha. We went to Lago this week again for the district meeting and ate burritos at Elder Murphys house. Which were dang good but all of us felt sick on Saturday and Sunday because of it. Good going in, bad going out. Elder Murphy actully got really sick so he's in Quito right now. He might just stay there since the changes are soon. We'll porbably see new faces in Lago. We also played Uno that day, I love Uno.

Other news: Elder Black bought an alarm clock last Monday and the instructions are only in Chinese and English. But the translation is SOOOO horrible haha. For example, "...If open to make the bell only, but did not open love to sleep, then be to make the beel arrive enactment time, ring to make a minute. Keyed to stop arbitrarily ring make..." It's great... Also I'll finnish the D&C tomorrow and then I'll start the PofGP. Plus Elder Black has The Miracle of Forgiveness by Pres. Kimball so I'll read that in freetime or trips or something.

Everyone remembers the fact that before my mission I could NOT whistle, right? Well, I can now. I've actully been able to since November. I've just forgot to prove it on my Christmas call home. It took a guy that spoke only Spanish from Guayaquil to teach me while none of you guys could hahaha. You get bless in many ways by serving a mission. And the whistle sure helps with Taxis.

See ya in two! Love you all!

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