Monday, January 6, 2014

Dos Mil Catorce! (week 20)

It´s super duper weird starting a new year in the mission. As well as turning nineteen. New years we basically bought just A TON of food. And I mean a ton. And we had to be in our houses at 5:00pm just cause it can get crazy down here. And it totally was. As we were stuffing ourselves, playing UNO and just passing the time in the appartment, I could hear just a ton of fireworks. Even super late at night they were going off. They're kinda weird here and they burn statues of random things like mickey mouse or Crash bandicut or something. The next day there were a ton of burnt leftovers on the streets. So that was basically my new years.

So my new comp: His name is Elder Skylar Black from Pleasant Grove, Utah. He is the nephew of Monte & Annette Black that teach at Cedar Middle School. (Small World!) He's a super cool guy. He moves like every 2 changes so he knows a lot of the mission. He came from Esmeraldes. He'll be going home in 7 months. We pray together in English now and it's almost ackward to pray outloud in English. I basically got him right after Elder Magalhaes and Elder Richimondg left on Wednesday. They couldn't leave here until then just because there were no busses because of New Years. Elder Wright's companion got here on Monday, Elder Mamani. He's from Peru.

We have been working like missionary juggarnauts since Thursday. It's been awesome too. We have a lot of new investigators that we're teaching now. We also basically vivited all of our current investigators and a lot of old investigators and less-actives this week as well. Like Kelly & Henry, David & Yolanda, Henry & Yolanda, Fam. Japa, Sergio, Fam. Santos, Particia, Hna. Glenda, Fam. Villon, Verjica and her family, Rodrigo, and Evelia and her family. Just to name a few. My legs are jello. They aren't like jello, they ARE jello.

Sunday was cool because Elder Black and Elder Mamani got to meet the ward and the rest of the members that we didn't have a chance to meet yet during the week. We taught our Gospel Principles class on lesson one since it's a new year now. We taught it on "Our Heavenly Father" which I thought would be tough to teach about for a whole hour in a different language but with the help of their comments, we finnished right on time. I aslo have another talk next week on La Obra Misional (Missionary Work). Elder Black has to leave to a zone conference tonight and basically every one else in our tiny zone is going to Quito other than me and Elder Sanchez. He is from Columbia and he was in my group when I first arrived in Ecuador. So while every on else is up the mountain for meetings and verifications, We'll be Batman and Robining it down here in Coca. I'm Batman.

So today's my birthday and all I could every ask for was a P-day haha. We actully went to the Azriel Shopping place, which is our momita today, and there's this ice cream place. Elder Black was like, "Pick whatever you want from there and I'll buy it."... Banana Split, baby!

That's Elder Jershy Poo´s week. Love all of you guys and hope your New Year's was the best! I was hiding in my house like a bomb shelter as I predicted! Peace Out, Señores!

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