Monday, January 20, 2014

Sky High Numbers (week 22)

So the numbers of our zone basically doubled or tripled this week in average. That's awesome. We have a baptism with Henry Barreto this weekend. He said he might want to wait one more week just so he can learn more but trust me, he's ready. We bet him a cola and oreos, wether he would go to church or not, just so we could get him to go. Whatever it takes haha. Lola Mera has her baptism on the 1st of Februarybut she's still living with Jiame so that might have to be pusjed back a little, but we got the branch president to come and teach about families and the Law of Chastity as a member present. He's the most solid branch predsident ever and I think he really helped them realize the problem. Jairo has a cousin that is interested too! His name is Wilmer, we´re planning on visiting him a couple of times this week. Gabriela(wife of a less active) is a new investigator that we have and she seems really interested too. I'm pretty excited to have some new faces to teach. But speaking of old faces, I had the impression to visit an investigator that we haven't taught since late November... Diana! Diana is solid now and she commited herself to the 8th of November(YES!!). Familia Borja has a date for the 8th but they're not that solid with commitments and they're not going to church so ehh... WE'll see what happens with them. But we finally had a bunch of investigators at church! We had 11 in total so our Gospel Principles class was full this week.

After P-day this last Monday we tried to visit a members house that I've never been to before but it's out in the boonies! Like 45 minutes away! We had no idea until we asked some guys directions. We taught them but we were super late. Tuesday Elder Wright and I did splits together and he has less time in the mission than me so it was kinda fun contacting and teaching a few lessons with him. I feel like we did pretty well for our time in the mission and without knowing Spanish. In the middle of one of the lessons we had, one of our investigators, a 9-year-old girl, totally farted right while I was teaching of the first vision haha. We all busted up laughing for like 5 minutes. Terrible timing but we still gave he a Book of Mormon and a baptism date for the 8th of February, √©xitos!

This Wednesday Hno. Alverado took us in his car to see all of the less actives that he knows in the sector, which is super helpful. There's actully not a ton of them but we'll focus on the ones there are this week. Thursday we had a mini conference in Lago. The Lago guys are awesome. Other random things: (1) I saw the most stoned girl ever walking down the street by our house, good laugh, I should have filmed it. (2) I figured out that Hna. Juanita takes like a handful of sacrament bread, so that was nearly impossible to hold in the laugh. (3) During the sacrament also, Hno. Reyes spots a cockroach upside down and squashes it right in the middle of this guys talk in a tini chappel and kicks it out one little baby step at a time out of the door, everyone had focus on him rather than the talk. (4) I heard "Bring Me to Life" by Evanesence on one of the city busses which was hilarious since I'm used to the same Spanish music with either one of two annoying beats.

Sucessful week for the whole zone! Hopefully the baptism dates all work out. We have some solid investigators right now that are more than ready to hear the Gospel. Les amo!

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