Monday, February 16, 2015

(WEEK 77)

So in Feburary every year Ecuador celebrates carnaval. Which is kind of a wierd holiday because the only thing that I noticed is that kids are out of school for 2 weeks for a 4 day holiday just to soak each other with water. So we've had to be very careful with waterballons and bickets of water on 2nd and 3rd story buildings haha.On Friday (One day before it ever started) these kids threw water ballons at us from the 3rd story haha. One went right by Elder Gallego's head and the other went right between Elder Bonola's feet. They kept on trying to get us but we never got hit haha. There are angles around us. God also played this year because on Saturday and and Sunday it rained a lot. I think he won.

On Monday we had the "Bonola" Split party in the mission house with Sister Richardson and it was sweet! There were like 4 giant tubs of ice cream and a ton of chocolate and caramel syurp. We're spoiled haha. I'll send a picture... It was Elder Bonola's birthday on Wednesday this week so we bought him Subway. Plus we bought him a cake on Thursday and we ate cake after the district meeting. On Tuesday we had divisions with the Nielsons (Elder Nielson and Elder Nielsen). I was with Elder Nielsen (He's like almost 7 feet tall, I though I was tall here...) and Elder Bonola. We walked a ton that day but we ended up having a good day and a nice reward at the end of the day. The stake president (Saenz) bought us 3 family sized boxes of Domino's Pizza. (Matthew 6:26). We also worked witht the sister missionaries in Pusuquí because they had problems with an investigator. But everything turned out good.

On Friday we had the interviews with president Richardson. He's awesome! He always shares great scriptures and knows how to uplift anyone. Plus the meeting was really good. We learned an effective way to get the members to work with us more in teaching investigators.

Hmm... What else happened... Oh yeah, so in the ward concils that we have every Sunday, there are always the presidents that are focused, and others that are not. For example, the elders quorum president was playing on his "doodle-pad" on his I-pad for the whole meeting. He drew a sun, a moon, a flower, the Salt Lake temple, the Batman symbol, and the Superman symbol. So that's nice.

¡Espero que tengas una buena semana! Ya firmé el registro de SUU. Ahora solo tengo que enviarlo. Voy a enviarlo el Jueves porque siempre tenemos la reunión de district los Jueves y por donde la capilla está tambièn los Correos De Ecuador. Me sentí rarísimo llenando los dos rigistros jaja pero bueno... Estoy feliz aquí en la misión. Presidente me dijo que los últimos seis meses son los meses que más voy a recordar de mi misión. Pero allí vamos viendo jaja. ¡Cuídense!

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