Wednesday, February 4, 2015

(WEEK 75) Spiritually and temporally fed

Where do I start... So this week Elder Craig Christensen from the presidency of the 70 came! That's right, PRESIDENCY of the 70. That's like almost apostol. He came and had just a 2 hour meeting with the ZLs and Sister leaders in Quito. So there were only like 20 missionaries there. Ït was a really short meeting but he talked about a ton of cool things. He talked about some of the profound things that he's witnessed with the coucil of the 12 meetings. And that whenever on of the apostoles says, "I feel..." That's when everyone pays atention and when the profound things come out. He talked about how we can know if The Lord has accepted our "offering" refering to missionary service too. He also shared a lot of personal experiences where he's seen many miracles in his life. It was a powerful meeting. And after that we got "The Sub of the Day" from subway (Cordon Bleu: $3). So we were happy.

Elder Nielson (From Montecello, Utah) from our zone got really really sick after the activity we had as a zone. He was literally shaking in the chappel. So we took him home with us while his companion was with his district leader. He stayed with us for 2 night because he got so sick. At our house Monday night he was literally shaking like a dog under 2 jackets and 2 blankets. Plus he was throwing up like every 20 minutes. He threw up lood twice. The mission nurse couldn't really help us so we called a doctor from the ward at like 11:00pm at night and he told us to make him soup. The soup was terrible haha all we had were old noodles and salt. But we made him drink that masterpiece and after like 36 hours we cured him. We dropped him off with his companion Wednesday before lunch. He was so grateful that we "momed" him while he was sick that he tried to give us $40 when we saw him on Thursday for the district meeting. We obiously couldn't accept it but that was kind of fun freaking out in the house trying to cure him. All worked out in the end haha.

On Friday my companion and I gave, I think, one of the best trainings we've ever given together. It was just for the district leaders and their companions for the leadership meeting and we based the talk on President Ezra Taft Benson's talk: "Beware of Pride". The Spirit just lit the room. Plus the way that everyone participated doubled the spirit in there. I can't really discribe it but it was unforgetable for me. Plus we had one of the more powerful contacts together on Wednesday. We just taught lesson 1: The Restoration, but we didn't even feel like we were speaking. Everything just went so naturally...

Aparte de eso, comimos comida buenísima toda la semana. En serio, tosas las momitas nos dieron bastante comida, y estoy seguro que la comida fue comida de los ángeles... La comida aquí por lo general es buena pero esta semana comimos como dioses. Oh, y también hoy jugamos bolos (Bowling) en el Quicentro. Elder Wheelwright y yo logramos el puntaje m'as alto (106). Fue chistoso porque empezamos malísimo pero al final tuvimos un Pavos (Turkeys) (I doubt that's how it's translated haha). Les quiero mucho y espero que disfruten la semana.

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