Tuesday, February 10, 2015

(WEEK 76) Bonola Split Party!

So I have a new companion. This is the 6th time that I've been put in a trio. I'm still in my same sector with Elder Gallego and our new companions name is Elder Bonola. He's from Veracruz, Mexico. My first Mexican companion! I love it because all he eats is hot stuff so today we went to Subway and he put a mountain of Jalapeños on his sandwich. He challenged me to do the same and I accepted it kicking and screaming. The mission president had to make some weird changes so he'll just be with us until the real changes (2 weeks). Today we won a banana split party! Whatever district that has all the latinos pass module 11 in the English exams, wins one. So in 2 hours we're going to the mission house which will only be the 4th time that I've been there. I'm excited!

On Tuesday we had the mission council and it was pretty good. President Richardson trained on exactly what the mission needed to hear. I love seeing all the ZLs every month... On Friday we had another meeting together with 3 other zones. It was the introduction to the interviews. Sadly, the real interviews will be this week on Friday. I was expecting for us to have them already. I don't know why I like the interviews so much but I do.

We have a Family Home Evening every Satuday night to help get the ward going and let the members and investigators be friends. They're really eficient! We always have about 50 people show up. We always play games as well. We played one game where you have to run as fast as you can and I biffed it in from of the whole ward with my companion hahaha. So my bruised hip has been hurting me but it's just another thing that makes me laugh. Saturday a family of recent converts moved from our sector to the other sector in Cotocollao. We helped them move yesterday but it was sad because they're awesome and now we won't see them as much. It was fun to help though. My companion and I had to pull up 4 couches to the roof of a 4 story building with just 2 ropes. They were insanely heavy haha. It was raining a little bit but I has still sweating trying to pull everything up. The hallways were way too small so that's why we did it. We had a couple of memebers to help us a little from the bottom too so that was nice.

I've ran out of things to say. Voy a terminar en Español de nuevo porque ya es como mi costumbre... ¡Gracias todos por su apoyo y amor! ¡Gracias también a mi papá por ayudarme registrar por SUU este año también! Aveces me parece que el día nunca va a llegar y que solo vivo como misionero jaja, pero realmente estoy muy agradecido por todo. ¡Espero que tengan una buena semana! Dee(2x), Yo todavía no en tenido mi entrevista pero cuando yo la tenga, le voy a decir lo que dice presidente. Gracias por su paciencia jaja. ¡Cuídense todos!

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