Sunday, September 28, 2014

(WEEK 56) Enviados de los Dioses!

So two weeks ago we baptized Misleydis Alvarez after teaching her for just 3 weeks. She was amazing and always accepted the invitations that we gave her. Right after than we found her brother, Leosdon Alvarez. He's a huge cuban haha! He was even greater with the lessons! He seriously had like no problems during all of the commandments that we taught him even though we were looking for his "Iceburg" the whole time. We even told the missionary that interviewed him to double check if he had any problems. And nope! Nothing! He was baptized on Saturday at 10:00 in the morning. The baptismal fonts here take like 4-5 hours to fill up so we had to wake up so early. But sacrafice = reward. His testimony is so strong even though he's had a rough life before and a little time listing to us. Fortunatly his wife is an active member so she really helped us out. It's going to be awesome when the church gets officially established in Cuba because like 1/3 of the baptisms I've seen here are from cuban immigrants haha

Another success this week was the Guerra family. We just rescued the parents! (reactivated them in the church) and the mom already is lined up to get a calling/assignment with family history because she really likes that. The father is planning on baptizing his 12 year old and 10 year old sons the 4th of October between conference sessions. So there'll be a ton of people already there! We have a couple other investigators that are doing pretty good but those are the main ones... We gotta work on finding more people now though because we've either baptized or dropped the majority of our investigators haha.

Other then that it was honestly a pretty normal week. I did divisions with the DL of Santa Anita, (Elder Hererra) we contacted, and one of the doors that I knocked on resulted in a new progressing investigator for them! So that makes me happy! An Elder that was is this zone about 3 months ago (Elder Castro) and his "son" stayed with us again last night because he has to get another opperation. So I hope everything goes good with that. On Friday we had a huge Leadership meeting with all of the zone leaders and district leaders from the 4 zones in Quito and the Jungle zone. We're kind of training new district leaders so it was preatty helpful for them with all of the interview practices and new information. (But I'll be honest, I didn't learn anything new in the meeting, but don't tell anybody!) Also today we did a zone activity in the chappel. We had a giant breakfast with a ton of bacon! And then we played dodgeball and basketball. So it was sweet. I'm happy.

Eso es todo mis queridos! Que ustedes estén bien y tengan una buena semana! Está lloviendo durísimo afuera. Creo que vamos a ver bastante lluvia empezando éste mes. Cuando llueve aquí, llueve como el diluvio de Noé! Pero está bien, somos enviados de los dioses!

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