Sunday, September 14, 2014

(WEEK 54) Crazy Changes!

So I'll start with the changes: Elder Santana left to Imbabura to eat plates full of a ton of rice and 20 potatoes every day hahaha. And Elder Araque left too. He left to repeat a ward that he was in just 8 months ago called El Vergel. So I'm the only one that stayed in San Carlos! Plus I'm in another trio. I'm with Elder Parra(Chile) and Elder Flores(Peru). The whole zone changed aa ton. In fact I'm the only missionary with a leadership position that stayed in the zone. But I don't have any more time to talk about the changes haha...
This week was the busy week were all the zone leaders from the coast and jungle stay in San Carlos with us. So on Monday they all arrived and on Tuesday we had the mission council. Elder Santana and I trained all of the leaders and the mission president on "How to correct a (Disobedient) missionary."  It was pretty intense but it turned out to be pretty dope. Elder Ospina(The Ex-Assistant) gave his testimony at the end and it was amazing. Blew my mind. It was sad to see him go. Right now he's in a plane haha. On Friday we did the mini zone conference and said goodbye to everyone because we knew that it was possible that a lot of missionaries were going to leave the zone. Then we did divisions with Santa Anita and I was with Elder Bell again. I like being with the new missionaries. They're so pure and innocent haha. I would have loved to train a gringo.
Misleydis Alvarez got baptized! We was baptized on Saturday by Elder Santana. And it was awesome because her brother that was working in the United States came down to see her get baptized. And now we're teaching him. The Guerra family is also still doing awesome. We're starting to finnish up on lesson 4 (The commandments). And they're still great with their baptismal date on the 27th of September. Plus we got the bishop to interview their less-active (But re-activating) dad. So now he's a Priest and can baptize his children!
I'm writing today (Tuesday) because Presidnet Richarson gave us permision. Yesterday I was travelling in Quito all day long trying to pick up like a million different missionaries and getting them to their new sectors. So my companions and I didn't have time to write. However I don't have as much time today so I'm trying to writes super fast haha. Other things that happened this last week: I pierced the tip of my finger with a staple and it went all the way in my finger. So that was fun haha. A crazy lady from Otavalo was yelling at us because we're missionaries and saiçying that we were false and deamons, so Elder Santana bashed her with his cleaver words as a watched and laughed in my head. And that's all haha.
Eso sería todo. Les quiero.

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