Monday, September 1, 2014

(WEEK 53) We've got a program going on

I'm happy. San Carlos finally has a nice program. This sector is easily the hardest sector of the mission so far but lately we've seen miracles, not just in the ward, but in the whole zone. Misleydis Alvarez passed her interview  on Sunday and is getting baptized on Saturday! My comp is going to baptize her. We finally had the less-active that we were working on go to church yesterday. One of the families is la familia Guerra. Which includes 3 less-actives and their 12 and 10 year old sons that aren't baptized yet. They have a date for the 27th of September. Also la familia Tene came again! I didn't think they'd come again but they did! Avaneth now has all of the lessons and we've taught her even up to the 12 tribes of Israel hahaha and they're finally working hard on the divorsement papers so there's just nothing stopping them from progressing. They even invite us to eat lunch with them when the lunch appointments fall. So there're miracles.

This next week is going to be crazy with everything we have to do. First off, it's time for he mission council again. So all of the ZL's from the coast and the jungle are staying in our house tonight. And it'll be a crazy meeting because the only missinoary that is going home is an ex-assistant named Elder Ospina. And he's awesome so I'll just be waiting for president to get emotional when he bares him testimony. And guess what, Elder Santana and I have to train in that meeting!!! O sea, all of the duros in the mission (Zone leaders, sister leaders, assistants, secretaries, president Richardson and his wife) are going to be they have we have to give a huge lesson to all of them. It's already planned out but I'll let you know how that goes. I'm not going to lie, I'm going to be super nervous tomorrow hahaha.

An 18 year old in the ward named Paul Cevallos is preparing to go on a mission to Guatemala. He leaves in 1 month so for his preparation he's working with us liek 3 or 4 times a day now. So all of our lessons have been with a member present other than 1 this past week haha. The sisters in the ward are also improving their whole sector. They're super diligent and get liek 1,000,000 contacts every week and the members love them. Like I said the whole zone is doing better lately. And to make us more united, we're going to make a zone T-shirt. And it's going to be dope. I'll send pictures.

Other notes: Now I oficially have MORE than a year, pilas. The earthquakes and tremors that were happening like 2 weeks ago finally stopped, so that kind of makes me sad. And for the past 4 days, stray dogs have been following us home. It's a different dog everyday. I have no idea why but to me it's hilarious haha.

Eso es todo mis queridos. Ojalá que yo encuentra la razón porque perros de la calle nos sigan, quizás huelo a carne. Pero para que sepan, por lo menos, los perros sean bonitos. Pilas.

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