Monday, November 11, 2013

"Sujeto" esta el sujeto. (week 12)

Hola familia! I´m sweating profusly right now in this internet store. So picture that. I´m sure it looks beautiful. This week went pretty well. We had the same machete service project this week, Mattew was baptized, and I got sick... But I´m over it now mom, don´t worry!

First off, our main progressing investigators, Mattew, Diana, and Patricio. Mattew is Italian and his mother is living there right now. His father lives in Guayaquil right now so I don´t really know why he´s living with our branch president and his family. But he´s been great and Presidente Marco and his family have been a great influence on him. He was baptized by Presidente Marco this last Saturday. Diana has recieved basically all of the lessons and we tried to confirm the her date with her last night, which is next Saturday. She kept saying she needed more time. We tried to help her and she believes it, but no matter what we said, he answer was she needed more time. So we´ll give it to her. Patricio is totally ready for his baptism other than one detail, Keep the Sabbath Day Holy. He plays soccer with his friends on Sundaymornings and he doesn´t really want to give that up. Plus he´s never home lately so it´s been so hard to get ahold of him. He´s had his baptismal interview now. So we´ll see if Diana and Patricio will be ready by this weekend or maybe the next.

We are so blessed to have awesome ward members here. Lately they keep feeding us referals. We´ve only meet with a couple of them. Antonio is one of them. He´s so solid. He looks like he´s in his late thrities. I can´t remember his age. I can´t even understand all his Spanish but I can pick up parts of it and during our lesson with him he just has the most humble and profound feedbacks and questions. We asked him if you could talk to God face to face right now, what would you ask him? And he told us he would ask him which church is true. So we´re going to share the Restauration with him next time. Because someone about 193 years ago had that same question. We are finding a lot of less active members and setting up appointments with them too. A lot of it we have to thank hermano Alberado. We worked with us for a long time one day to find them.

A couple of days ago I had headaches like never before. Diarrea was also a symptom. Beautiful. And just a complete soreness of body. Elder Magalhaes let me borrow some Tylonol which helped a lot with the headaches. It lasted for about 3 days and I´m totally fine now. The worse though was the second night cause I was too exhausted to take any pills or anything. I just went to bed. But I woke up like an hour later with  the worst headache ever. I tried to fall asleep but it was impossible. My head was so hot that the other side of the pillow wasn´t even cool. Finally I decided to take the last pill, knowing that I now wouldn´t have any for tomorrow. So I did. But I forgot to eat food before so now I was laying in my bed around like 3:00with a headache that was still killing me and now my stomach was killing me. Finally after like an hour the pills kicked in and I fell asleep. That morning I prayed hard that I could work without my headaches and it was awesome cause I had no problems that day. And I´ve been fine ever since. But that night was the worst haha. Hey mom, breathe.

We have transfers every 6 weeks but that doesn´t meen everyone transfers every six weeks. Elder Murphy has been in Coca and now Lago for like 6 months. I haven´t really seen any more cool animals lately. Just some giant bugs every once in a while. I´m still waiting to see a Boa. They swim all over in these rivers. Haha I still want to baptise someone in the river though. I finally figured out how to unlock the back door to the church that leads to the basketball hoops. So, YES! Now I just need a ball.

Love you guys a ton! Tell Rocky he´s a dog.

Tres tristes tigres tragaban trigo en un trigal en tres tristes trastos... Little toungue twister for ya!

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  1. Elder Bolton - YOU are so awesome! Thanks for your weekly letters and all the details. I'm so happy you are felling better. (and I'm sure your Mom is too!) It feels like I'm lost in a great book, when I read these great posts. May Heavenly Father's choicest blessings be yours always, as your serve HIM faithfully. Love - Uncle Randy and Aunt Connie Seal