Thursday, October 3, 2013

Yo tengo amor por usted! (week 6)

¿¡Como le va!? Mexico has been awesombroso para Elder Bolton! I only have 5 days left here. Ecuador in less than a week baby! It´s so weird because it feels like I´ve been here for like 2 weeks at the most, and at the same time it feels like I´ve been here and known everyone in my district for years. Fortunatly I´ll see my companion and 2 sister missionaries every now and then in my mission. The rest of the people are going to different places in the US. In fact, I´d say more than half of the missionaries here have been called to missions in the US. How ironic is that? Let´s send people from the USA to Mexico, so they can teach in the USA. But yeah, I´m pretty sure I´ll fly out on Tuesday really early in the morning. I´m not sure though. I have In-field orientation tomorrow so I bet I figure out my travel plans then. I don´t know when I´ll be able to call home but it¨ll probably be like around 4:00 am. Haha, lo siento! And I still haven´t recieved an E-mail or anything from my mission president or anything like that, so I don´t know if I´ll be able to send an E-mail right when I get there, or when my P-day is. But I´ll let you know when I can! After in-field orientation on Friday, I get to watch General Conference. LIVE! I cannot wait. No one even knows exactly what were going to do as a district between conference sessions. I have a feeling it´ll be a good one! Our Devotional last week was one of David A. Bednar´s Tuesday devotionals in Provo about how to watch conference most effectivly and how to take to most effective notes. So I´ll be doing that!
So this past week guess what... Our progressing investigators, Ivis and Luz, were baptized!! KABOOM!! We had our last lessons and our last chance on Monday andTuesday. For Luz, we knew we were close so our lesson was just on the gift of the Holy Ghost and baptism. We shared personal stories about both subjects and then we showed her 2 Nephi 31, which is a scripture gold mine, as far as the importance and blessings of Baptism. She said, without hesitation, "Si!" For Ivis, we were not quite as far with him. He´s been reading the Book of Mormon every day and going to church. He even said he knows the Book of Mormon was true. He was just a strong Catholic. We had no idea what to do with him. So we just had a 30 minute lesson where we went in there with nothing but a Spanish Book of Mormon. We just shared our favorite scriptures in the Book of Mormon, read parts of Alma 32, and 3 Nephi 17 with him, and shared our testimonies in broken Spanish frequently. At the end when I asked him, we first showed him Christ´s example and then express how he could be a good example to his wife and children, which are Mormon, if he would do this. He hesitated at first, but then nodded his head yes! Clutch. Today I also went to the temple. For the last time in 2 years. I could understand a decent amount of the Spanish in the temple now. A lot of it may be because I´ve seen it in English before. But I´ve been to the temple in Spanish more than English now. Not too long after I do get home, I´m attending it in Spanish again so I can understand everything being said.
I love hearing about and seeing pictures from your homecoming! Did Jared go? Or did he just chill with Rocky at home? That´s awsome, I just remember that I hated filling out whatever scholarship applications i did fill out. Speaking of college, tell DeWitticus to hang in there if you see him. Dispite the fact it´s kinda funny haha, I do feel bad that we´re peacing out and he´s still in Cedar without us. Tell him I said he´s a good Doctor, he´ll like that.  And tell Dan to just go pack his bags and leave to Provo now. Because this whole mission experience has already been the coolest and happiest time of my life! Dispite playing a lot of sheraids with locals. Actully that´s kinda fun. Love you! I don´t know exactly when I´ll write you next. But It¨ll be in Quito, Ecuador!

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