Monday, October 21, 2013

Otra Vez! (week 9)

So the cold showers are what I crave now. Before my mission, I would never take a cold shower, why would I? But because of the constant, unavoidable sweat, I love em. The sweat is becoming more natural though. The first few days I couldn´t stand it but now I´m like, "Oh, there it is...Bienvenidos" Even when it´s cloudy here, it´s hot. But with they sun out, I feel like an ant under a magnifying glass haha. I actully carry around a small towel in the side pocket of my bag to wipe my forehead like every two seconds. The computers here are in Spanish so almost all of the words I´m typing have that infamous, red, squiggly line under it telling me the words are spelled incorrectly and I´m just like, " No! I´m right, and you´re wrong!" Haha.

Jidro, The kid I´m teaching English, has an older brother with the exact same name. How confusing is that, "Hey, Jidro?" "Yes" "No, no... My other son, son." But we did a service project with the older Jidro, which was cutting down thick jungle foliage with a machete! How cool is that! I´m a jungle man now! We did it on this hillside on the opposite side of the town from where the two rivers meet. They had sugar cane down there. I cut down a giant stalk and spent like an hour just chewing on it. When I have a family, we´re growing sugar cane in our back yard. I saved some in our fridge and am guarding it with my life. The sun was just beating on us though. So I got sunburnt. But since it´s humid, I didn´t peel! I´ll be brown by the time I´m done with my mission and no one from home will recognize me. Elder Agapito took a picture of me with his camera so hopefully I can send that too you today. I´m determinded to buy a camera today. There´s decedt ones here but they are pretty expensive...

I also saw 4 monkeys a couple of days ago! 4 monkeys! Not in a zoo! Elder Agapito got a picture of one on a telephone wire, It was sweet! Hopefully I can send that one too. We saw it when we were knocking on doors. And speaking of that, The very next door I knocked on after the monkeys, A guy named Jason answered the door and we taught him for like an hour about the restauration. I asked him if he would follow Christ´s example and be baptized, and he said yes! 1 down! Hopefully he pulls through. He loves the bible and Jesucristo. His baptimal date is on the 9th of November. A lot of people are really open to hearing the gospel here. There´s been quite a few times were they just let us in without question and we teach them. We have a lot of appointments lately so there´s usually not a lot of time to do a ton of contacting, which is pretty cool. That´s why I´m like, "Send more missionaries to Coca!"

It was a really clear day yesterday and I could see a really tall volcano (which I forgot the name of) in the distance. I really want to go there some time during my mission for like a district activity or something. There´s everlasting snow up there. Which just sounds so wierd to me. I could never imagine it snowing in Coca. Tom will catch Jerry before that happens.

Tell Dirty I´m super stoked for him! He´ll love his mission!

I WILL buy a camera today, even tough it may cost a lot. El amor que ustedes mucho! RecuĂ©rdame en tus oraciones! Paz hacia fuera!

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