Monday, February 3, 2014

(week 24) Coca could be coming to a close

43-8 Superbowl, huh? Oooh what a thriller haha. I was hoping they would both lose.

The Zoo was awesome! Anacondas, tucans, monkeys and other cool animals. Unfortunatly I can't send pictures this week because I'm already in a Cyber and I forgot my camera in the appartment haha. Which is also a bummer because Elder Wright (He says: HI!) and Elder Mamani baptized Kevin and Bryan on Saturdaymorning, so you can't see those pictures yet haha. It was so awesome though! We found this beach on the riverside with big trees hanging over the river. Pictures to come... 

A TON of investigators came to church on Sunday! Finally! Fasting really works! We usually get a lot of commitments to go to church but only a few show up but this time we had 8 investigators show up, which is the high of the change for us. With the investigators from the other elders, we had about 13 investigators in our Gospel Principles class that we teach every Sunday. Carlina and Orlando Ortiz are doing awesome. They actully got lost on Sunday and asked the Community of Faith church the directions to ours haha. Diana just needs 1 more attendance and she can be baptized and she's so ready. I'm afraid if i get changed to another place next week I'll miss her baptism. Seriously though, I might be leaving my first sector in a week... Henry and Kelly came again and we'll try to get a date on him soon again. Three of the kids from familia Japa also came to church. Next week we're puting a focus on less-actives. The church starts at 8:00am from now on.

On Friday we had a Zone conference in Lago and we also had our interviews with the mission president. So it lasted from 1:30pm until about 7:00pm. We learned a lot of new things and were reminded of old information too. I really liked the lessons though, they're really helpful. Elder Murphy and Elder Leong got sick and left to Quito last week so they'll be gone for good until the next change. Now we have two new Elders: Corum, and Perez. And Elder Galvis is now the zone leader. I finnished the Pearl of Great Price today and now I just have to read the Old Testament, bring it on! I'm also taking pictures with everyone (Tal vez me voy!) so those pictures will come next week too. Right now I'm with Elder Wright and Elder Mamani because Elder Black goes to his leadership meetings every month with the other zone leader in Lago, which is now Elder Corum. He'll be back on Wednesday night but until then, I'm with these guys and I'll be doing splits with ward members too.

Espero que puedo enviar más fotos la próxima semana. Todavía no estoy seguro porque los cambios son la semana siguiente... De todas formas, Les amo!

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